Moving In or Out?

Moving In

Much like renting a car, you’re dedicated property manager will do a thorough check of the property, both internally and externally, and will take note of the current condition of every room and the outside areas.

This information creates a detailed report for you to review and raise any necessary concerns you may have at the beginning of the tenancy. These concerns must be noted with the property manager within two weeks and if nothing is communicated to us, then it’s taken that you are happy with the conditions.

Moving Out

When it’s time to move on there are a few things you need to know. We hope at the end of your tenancy it’s been a successful and happy time for you in your property and we would love for you to refer the TPM services to someone else.  We’re finding more and more business this way and that makes us feel like we are doing a great job, so thank you!

So at the end of your tenancy you may want to renew or move on. We can talk to the property owner about both and sort this all out the easy way for you. We get in touch with you so you don’t have to stress about it all and what needs doing when. Our smart software system keeps track of everything and makes sure we do things the right way. When you have a final move out date we will arrange the final inspection date with you.

Fixed Term Agreement

If you are in a fixed term agreement and you did want to move out before your fixed term agreement expires please contact us as soon as you can. Sometimes landlords will let us find new tenants for the property but there’s a few details we need to explain like advertising and administration fees and the fact you are liable to pay for rent right up to when the new tenants may move in.

Periodic Agreement

If you are on a periodic agreement you need to give us 21 days’ notice. Even if you want to move out before the 21 days expire you are still responsible to pay the rent up until this date.

Property viewings

Part of our responsibility to our valued landlords is to keep the house rented, we will need to arrange property viewing times with you but we try to make this as non-intrusive as we possibly can and these only take place after you’ve handed in your notice. We always hold viewings with a property manager and always explain to potential new tenants that this property is still your place of residence.

Moving Out Inspection

Once you have done all your cleaning up in and around the property, moved out and given us the keys back, contact us and we come and do a full inspection.  We discuss the inspection date with you so you know when we’re going to carry it out.

In some cases, you may be asked to come back and clean up a bit more or tidy up the garden here and there but most of our valued tenants do a great first job. Once we’ve ticked it off that everything is up to scratch that’s when we can inform the Department of Building and Housings Bond Centre they can release your bond and of course take the time to thank you for such a successful tenancy relationship and wish you all the best for the future!

If you’re a first-class tenant who enjoys treating your rental property like your own home, we’d love to hear from you. Give the friendly and professional team at TPM a call or drop them an email. They’ll make you feel right at home.

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