We combine our strong people skills with a sophisticated IT system to provide the confidence you deserve when managing your property.

Our tenant selection processes and attention to detail when managing your property will take all the worry out of renting  your home, knowing that it’s in safe and capable hands.

If you’ve never engaged a property manager to take care of your investment before, there’s a few things that are extremely important for you to to consider:

  • Reputation
  • Credibility
  • Experience
  • Trust

Tauranga Property Management has an exceptional reputation as trusted and professional property managers.  Our credibility is based on sound business acumen as well as unparalleled customer service skills.  You can’t buy experience and it’s worth its weight in gold when you need suitable, quality tenants.  We attract high-quality tenants due to the standards we set.

Tauranga Property Management is the name you can trust.


Expand the headings below to find out what sets us apart…

TPM offers no-fuss, seamless rental solutions because our approach is safe and simple.  We do all the right checks so you don’t end up with a bad tenant on your hands.  Through our experience and expertise, we are almost intuitive in the sense that we know who quality tenants are and who to steer well clear of.

We shortcut the laborious process and simplify it from start to finish so you end up with a star tenant who is with you for the short or long term, it’s up to you.

How do we do this?

We vet them and run comprehensive checks before proceeding. This lets us in on everything that’s happening and gives us the facts so we can make the right decisions for you.

This includes:

  • References – written and verbal from past landlords, and/or testimonials supporting the applicant’s suitability.
  • Strict credit checks to ensure payments are made on time every time
  • Handling all applications, tenancy agreements and signed inspection reports, including a list of chattels and/or furniture. You have the luxury of handing the job over to us.

We match the right tenant with the right property giving you the peace of mind and security you need.

Smarter software gives us the ability to provide intelligent reporting and keep detailed records that gives us and you a wealth of information on your investment property.

We combine our strong people skills with a sophisticated software to provide the confidence you deserve when managing your property. It takes the guesswork out of what you think is going on and replaces it with cold, hard facts.

Our state-of-the-art software eliminates problems, simplifies procedures and keeps meticulous records all while keeping pace with the ins and outs of what we need to know to ensure your property management runs smoothly and efficiently, providing us with real-time information.

If we say we’re credible and trustworthy then we have to back that up, and our advanced software system and management is just another attribute that makes us stand out from the rest. You need to work with the best in this game because no one can afford to take shortcuts.

Every monetary transaction is recorded, from rent to bills. We have our finger on the pulse and an eye on the details every step of the way. All correspondence is recorded along with owner reports eliminating administration error. Full monthly statements are sent to landlords and are accessible to accountants so your business runs easier than before.

Full inspections are carried out every 13 weeks and/or when needed.  We have a comprehensive checklist we follow so we don’t miss a thing. We go over your hard-earned property from top to bottom because it’s important that we keep your property in shipshape.

A written report is then provided, advising you of your property’s condition, maintenance issues or tenant concerns.  Of course, at times repairs or wear and tear do need to be addressed but because we’ve done regular, stringent inspections we try and eliminate nasty surprises as much as possible.

We aim to maintain good relationships throughout: landlords satisfied their asset is receiving 100% management; tenants reassured they are valued and encouraged to treat the property as if it were their own. It’s important we manage our relationship with the tenant effectively because if we need them to treat your home with respect and care, we have to do the same with the tenant. Valuing both landlord and tenant and encouraging a win/win scenario is what drives the best outcome for both parties.

Due to the way we act with transparency from the very beginning of the relationship and contract signing stage allows us to be very clear and upfront about expectations so that going forward the relationship remains positive. Build wealth the easy way when you contact TPM today.

Another valuable part of our property management service is to help you with any maintenance requirements. We know the right tradesmen or suppliers who offer high-quality maintenance skills at a good price. It’s tricky to know who you can trust to do a top-quality job without getting a huge bill at the end.  That’s where we can step in and appoint someone we know who will do a great job and not rip you off.

Tenancy Agreements clearly outline all Owner and Tenant responsibilities so there is no confusion when it comes to who pays what and who needs to do what. We’re more than happy to go over the finer details with landlords so once again you are absolutely clear on all of the items in the tenancy agreement. If for any reason you need to talk to us we’re here to take care of you every step of the way. If it’s something that is outside of our area of expertise we can guarantee we can put you in touch with someone who is the expert.

Our job is to ensure clear communication, organise quotes where needed and keep both parties informed at all times. Matters are always dealt with promptly and efficiently so you’re not sitting around worrying about it. TPM believes the hassle-free way is the only way to go to manage your property well

We believe in fairness for both landlord and tenant. That’s why we stay on top of market rates and keep both parties in the picture. Rent Reviews are managed annually and reasonable adjustments are actioned in line with market rates. We provide a wealth of information across the whole spectrum of property management providing expert advice. We provide good governance much like an independent director because we know all the right people in all the right places within the property management network. This is key to your success as a landlord. We make sure nothing is missed, best prices are procured and quality tenants are secured.

If a significant rent rise becomes apparent, and is unobtainable for existing tenants, we will offer to match them with another property they can afford. It’s important we maintain an honest and open relationship with both tenant and landlord, keeping all options out in the open.

We don’t believe in raising rents unreasonably if it means losing a good tenant but we do believe in maximising a landlord’s yield. TPM has the balancing act down to a fine art because it’s important to keep a good tenant in your property who you can trust but it’s also important you enjoy the benefits of your investment.

Fair, strong management is the key to successful landlord and tenant relationships and it’s a time proven strategy you can rely on.

We understand that sometimes there are concerns about property management costs. We can’t emphasise enough that the risk of not using professional managers far out ways the cost  We hear nightmare stories all the time from landlords who have suffered at the hands of bad tenants.

At TPM we attract quality tenants so you don’t have to suffer huge repair bills that can happen with bad tenants or unpaid rents.  Our base fees are very competitive and are negotiable for multiple properties.  You get the benefit of our full property management services giving you maximum value at a great price.

We will give a free, no obligation rent appraisal of your property and advise you on current market trends. We may just lift your return and increase your profit. With our insightful and informative business acumen we will work hard for you to ensure the best possible ROI from your property.

Let’s get you with the team at TPM because we know you’ll enjoy working with property managers who always have your best interests at heart.  We’re about to make your landlord life a whole lot easier.

You have the right to demand high-quality property management service so let’s get started and your property will immediately profile on “For Rent” pages in Expert photos included. It’s time to leave everything to us.

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